Making Hiker Dan

We Love The Outdoors.

In fact, we love it so much that we created a cartoon dude that could love it even more for us! Meet Hiker Dan - a creation from the mind of Casey and the pen of Matt

Then we teamed up with our favorite sticker company, Sticker Robot, to make him real and start spreading the love. Hiker Dan was spotted everywhere - even the White House!


Creating An Outdoor Social Media Brand

Back in 2012 I had a crazy idea to start an Instagram account and photography blog that would feature all the outdoor photos stuck on my iPhone. That idea was crazy because I am probably the marketing world's worst photographer!

After a few months of tinkering with a Wordpress blog and posting photos of the mountains of Western North Carolina on Instagram, I realized that I had stumbled into something extremely popular. 50,000 web visitors in the first 8-weeks proved two things:

I knew how to use SEO/Social/Email to drive web traffic.

Qualified web traffic is the key to digital marketing success in any industry. By combining a highly shareable piece of content like a photo of a recognizable mountain view with the accessibility of social media, qualified web traffic was an easy goal to attain. When you are a graphic designer there are 3 programs you need to know to be successful: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. As a digital marketing professional, there are 3 "programs" you need to know: SEO + Social + Email. Those are some of the things we do at Fire Tower Creative - we apply amazing create to SEO, Social, and Email to help your business/non-profit reach more people.

Some ideas are just good ideas.

The social feeds that Matt and I started and still run have over 50,000 followers. Sometimes, when the idea is right, it can make growth and results a whole lot easier. If you find that you are extremely passionate about your business/work you probably have a good idea - that is 90% of the battle. Now it is time to capitalize on that good idea.

Check out the feeds that Matt and I run here:

Explore Carolina
Inspire Appalachia
Hiker Dan

3 Tools We Use For Social Media

Sprout Social

The biggest issue people have with social media is that it can consume so much time. Content is truly king when it comes to social and content takes time to produce. Sprout Social is, in our opinion, the best tool for scheduling content. It has a dynamic calendar mode and allows levels of access for your employees. That means that you can have interns/entry-level employees draft posts for your future approval. The reporting is also more than just an extra benefit - it has been a lifesaver multiple times for our team.

Check out Sprout Social Now -->


Dropmark can be used for any file sharing but we like to use it has a hyper-tagged photo library. When we need to develop a social media post, it often begins with imagery. A well-organized photo library will literally save you hours of time! 

Check out Dropmark Now -->


Google Doc

There is nothing better than a shared Google Drive document with all the upcoming social media posts. Organization is one of the top factors of success when it comes to good social media content strategy. 

You know how to find Google... Right?