Creating An Outdoor Social Media Brand

Back in 2012 I had a crazy idea to start an Instagram account and photography blog that would feature all the outdoor photos stuck on my iPhone. That idea was crazy because I am probably the marketing world's worst photographer!

After a few months of tinkering with a Wordpress blog and posting photos of the mountains of Western North Carolina on Instagram, I realized that I had stumbled into something extremely popular. 50,000 web visitors in the first 8-weeks proved two things:

I knew how to use SEO/Social/Email to drive web traffic.

Qualified web traffic is the key to digital marketing success in any industry. By combining a highly shareable piece of content like a photo of a recognizable mountain view with the accessibility of social media, qualified web traffic was an easy goal to attain. When you are a graphic designer there are 3 programs you need to know to be successful: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. As a digital marketing professional, there are 3 "programs" you need to know: SEO + Social + Email. Those are some of the things we do at Fire Tower Creative - we apply amazing create to SEO, Social, and Email to help your business/non-profit reach more people.

Some ideas are just good ideas.

The social feeds that Matt and I started and still run have over 50,000 followers. Sometimes, when the idea is right, it can make growth and results a whole lot easier. If you find that you are extremely passionate about your business/work you probably have a good idea - that is 90% of the battle. Now it is time to capitalize on that good idea.

Check out the feeds that Matt and I run here:

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Inspire Appalachia
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